US PATENT #10065197 ISSUED SEPT 4, 2018


Welcome to sluice goose Industries, inventers of GOLD recovery processes


We invent new ways to separate ALL METALS from PAY DIRT. Introducing a NEW technology of vertical water flows and GRAVITY!

Sluice Goose GOLDROP vs Jim Fryman's paydirt

Jim Fryman, a local prospector, brought me paydirt he gathered along a river to test the effectiveness of the GOLDROP for himself. This is the result of his GOLDROP test.

This is the Sluice Goose GOLDROP Paydirt Processing kit

Here's the contents of the GOLDROP  processing kit offered by Sluice Goose Industries.

Sluice Goose GOLDROP Production unit REVEALED!

In this video you will see the final production design of the GOLDROP.  Watch and learn how to operate this "REVOLUTIONARY" Gold recovery device. You will be amazed how easy it is to separate Gold from magnetite black sand or any dirt, it doesn't matter now

Here's a black sand/gold float that will amaze you!

In processing 5 gallons, 120 lbs. of Cape Disappointment black sand through the GOLDROP in 15 minutes time. Once I removed the Gold, this is a black sand float created when washing the pan in fresh water to remove the Dawn used during processing. Upon examining the float, I discovered this 400 mesh Gold on top of the float! Amazing that the GOLDROP can recover tiny Gold with its Elutriation Technology.

Sluice Goose GOLDROP vs. Don Greenwood's red pay dirt

Introducing a new way to feed pay dirt into the GOLDROP. Watch how I muckify Don's dirt to process through the GOLDROP. Did I find Gold? BOY DID I! Plenty of Gold and tiny Gold too, 300 -400 mesh!

Sluice Goose GOLDROP recovers 400mesh Rhodium, $48oo/oz.

Don Greenwood from Texas sent me 10 lbs., approximately 1 gallon in volume. I processed his crushed rock ore through the GOLDROP. This is what I found. What you see here is a 400 mesh Rhodium, 12.41 gm/cm3, float on water with Gold, 19.3 gm/cm3, resting on top of the Rhodium float. Even though the Gold is more dense, the less dense Rhodium supports the Gold because of the gathering of much smaller more densely packed Rhodium particles form a bed the more dense Gold cannot penetrate. 

the place where the Sluice Goose was incubated and hatched

Industrial Rebuilders Corporation is my maintenance machine shop where we apply creative "Out of the Box" ideas and techniques to rebuild broken, worn out and obsolete machine parts to keep the local industries producing. My experiences has given me unique abilities other shops in Oregon state do not possess. Watch how we use our skills and machine tools are applied to various machine components to fix them many times in "Better than New" condition. My skills and ideas helped me create GOLDROP.

Sluice Goose GOLDROP research testing dredging potential

This is a look into the research being done on a small scale to test the Sluice Goose GOLDROP elutriation technology applied as a dredging system to recover Gold. Initial tests are promising

Cape Disappointment sand surrenders its gold to the GOLDROP!

Due to changes in technique of feeding pay dirt into the funnel of the GOLDROP, a dramatic improvement has been made in the recovery of very fine Gold from the black sand. This is what to expect to experience when operating the GOLDROP.

Sluice Goose GOLDROP vs "IMPOSSIBLE TO PAN" gold!

 This is pay dirt received from Don Greenwood from Gladewater, Texas. I met him at the Fort Worth GPAA Gold and Treasure show in Texas YOU CAN'T PAN GOLD FROM THIS MUCK! Oh yeah! The GOLDROP gets it!!!!!!!!!

This is how to operate the goldrop

In this video, I classify and process pay dirt purchased from Dave Varabioff @ Watch how easy it is to set up and operate the GOLDROP.  The pay dirt was classified 3 times to get the tiniest Gold using a Gold Claw for final cleanups. 


Check out this great video

proven 99%+ rate of gold recovery as shown on camera


Watch the video in "GOLDROP NEWS" to witness a 99%+ gold recovery rate be achieved!

The GOLDROP eliminates ALL Sluicing & Panning. 

The Sluice Goose GOLDROP increases efficiency DRAMATICALLY!! 

  • Process 50 lbs. of pay dirt in 5 minutes to get ALL of the GOLD! 
  • Process up to 1 yard of 1/8"- pay dirt a day! 

The Sluice Goose GOLDROP has also separated LEAD, COPPER, BRONZE, BRASS, STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, MAGNETITE, QUARTZ, IRON PYRITE, MERCURY and METEORITE, if present in the pay dirt. Samples will be shown in our demonstration videos.

Other precious metals the GOLDROP will separate include PLATINUM, PALLADIUM,  SILVER.

If it's heavier than dirt mineral, GRAVITY says it's dropping out into the GOLDROP jar!


Get all the Gold, PLUS the DUST and the FLOUR, using a NEW Hydrodynamic process of upwardly spiraling water flows and Gravity called "ELUTRIATION"


The Sluice Goose GOLDROP separates the GOLD and all heavy elements and minerals from pay dirt, even tailings

  • All pay dirt enters the GOLDROP submerged. 
  • There's no water surface to float the GOLD away. 
  • ALL of the GOLD, GOLD DUST and the FLOUR drops out  of the pay dirt into the GOLDROP jar, as the dirt is GOOSED up, around and away. 
  • Remove the GOLDROP  jar and head to the Bank!                    

CLICK on GOLDROP NEWS to view the demonstration videos.


US PATENT # 10065197 issued Sept 4, 2018

The Sluice Goose GOLDROP is not available for purchase on the open market today. It is currently a "PROOF OF CONCEPT"  PROTOTYPE for  continued testing, research and development as a consumer product.

U.S. PATENT  # 10065197 is granted, and now we have a company on board to manufacture Sluice Goose GOLD Recovery Inventions.

  • To aid in fine and coarse GOLD recovery for the individual prospector. 
  • To scale up for large GOLD-MINING operations. 

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UPDATE JULY 14, 2019- A new U.S. Patent Application is being drafted to encompass new design features not included in the patent design. International Patent protection is being applied for also to bring this new technology to the WORLD!