US PATENT #10065197 ISSUED SEPT 4, 2018


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US Patent Office issues Patent #10065197

On Sept 4, 2018 the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent #10065197 for the GOLDROP.


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GOLDROP recovers GOLD!

On September 12, 2018 the GOLDROP processed 50 lbs. of pay dirt tailings to get the GOLD. This dirt, provided by Dave Varabioff at, was previously processed on a shaker table by an Idaho Gold mining company.


A shaker table is the most efficiently effective device to recover Gold to date. This is a picture of Gold the shaker table missed! That makes the GOLDROP the most effective way to recover GOLD.


The particle at the top of Roosevelt's head is a mineral grain with GOLD stuck to it. What you don't see is the flour GOLD that is too small to photograph. The GOLDROP will be on the market next year.

Sluice goose goldrop vs. quikrete play sand

In this GOLDROP demonstration watch how much Gold is in this sandbox play sand. Watch too how the GOLDROP separates "lead" from the dirt which weighs "much less" than Gold! 

Sluice Goose goldrop eats crow

This video demonstrates the results of processing 1 yard of Clay pay dirt tailings processed through the GOLDROP. The wire Gold claimed in the previous processing video is NOT WIRE GOLD. It turns out to be gold colored BRASS! A different kind of FOOLS GOLD! Watch John eat crow in admitting to this result. No Big Deal! It only demonstrates the uniqueness of the ability of the GOLDROP to separate a variety of materials of varying density!

Sluice Goose latest GOLDROP prototype REVEALED!

Watch how the latest GOLDROP version separates small Gold from previously panned black sand from Cape Disappointment, Washington State. It's new, compact, light weight  and transportable. It weighs less than 40 lbs. and comes in its own drum. 

the goldrop vs. mercury in black sand

Watch how the GOLDROP separates Mercury from black sand. In this  video you will witness the removal of Mercury, a poisonous and deadly liquid metal. The GOLDROP is an  invention that can help to remove Mercury from contaminated sights. The GOLDROP can help solve the humanitarian and environmental disaster taking place around the world by the use of Mercury to recover Gold.

The goldrop vs. black sand from cape disappointment, WA

Watch how the GOLDROP separates Gold from the Black Sand mined from the beaches of Cape Disappointment in Washington State provided by David Urick of Columbia River Mining Supplies., inventor of the "Spin It Off". Witness the sight and sound of the GOLDROP STORM as the Gold free falls to the bottom of the GOLDROP JAR. Fine Gold recovery? So far, we have Gold through a 270 mesh sieve

the goldrop debuts at the GPAA Gold and treasure shows

Here we are in a public domain to show off the amazing capabilities of the SLUICE GOOSE GOLDROP in Tucson, AZ and Pomona, CA. GPAA Gold and Treasure Shows in February. Here's why it works and peoples reactions to what they are seeing! and believing! The next GPAA Gold and Treasure Show is March 24th and 25th at the Clark Co. Event Center in Vancouver WA. Come watch the SLUICE GOOSE GOLDROP in action!

The GOLDROPS here!

Check out this great video. Watch the "Proof of Concept" invention of the Sluice Goose "GOLDROP" pay dirt separating processor in action! See how the dirt is "GOOSED"  away as the PAY drops into the GOLDROP jar in record time!

The Sluice goose 'goldrop' vs. felix paydirt

This Alaskan pay dirt from Felix Paydirt might have either a 1oz. or 2 oz. Gold nugget in the dirt. That's the fun of Felix Paydirt. The gamble of the BIG pay and the thrill of the discovery! Did John find his big "PAY DAY"? Watch the Sluice Goose GOLDROP goose the pay dirt and find out what he recovered!

The GOLDROP vs. Prestige Minerals,

Watch how 100 lbs. of Genuine Colorado hard rock mined pay dirt is prepared and goosed through the Sluice Goose GOLDROP. In the cleanup, watch John's surprise as he is completely fooled by the appearance of Iron Pyrite disguised as Silver. The real surprise came when the silvery material was tested and found to be Iron Pyrite, "FOOL'S GOLD". All that glitters is not GOLD! or in this case, SILVER! More proof how efficient the GOLDROP is. Tiny pyrite dust means GOLD DUST TOO!  LOOK CLOSE!

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