US PATENT #10065197 ISSUED SEPT 4, 2018


Welcome to sluice goose Industries, inventers of GOLD recovery processes.

GOLDROP captures 400 mesh Tungsten and Gold FLOAT!

 Here is the FLOAT GOLD that gets away during the conventional sluicing and panning process to recover Placer Gold. There is no water surface to float Gold away in the GOLDROP. All dirt enters the trap submerged in water for complete suspended separation of the Gold from the dirt into the jar with what other dense matter. 

Goldrop by SluiceGoose

The Goldrop by SluiceGoose is the  fastest and most environmentally friendly way to process any type of pay dirt. 

the "Goldrop" vs quikrete all purpose sand challenge

Is there really Gold in QUIKRETE All Purpose Sand? It was purchased at Home Depot in Albany, Oregon. Watch the Sluice Goose GOLDROP separate Gold from a washed and bagged commercial product. Gold is where you find it! The GOLDROP will find Gold if it is there!

The sluice goose goldrop vs. quikrete 2

The Sluice Goose GOLDROP is challenged by my Gold mining sister and brother-in-law, Debbie and Ken Mcmaster. The challenge is to watch the GOLDROP process a bag of Quikrete sand from start to finis. That way, they could assess the value of the GOLDROP. Visit their website,, and learn of their Gold lifestyle as summertime miners and wintertime jewelers and jewelery shop proprietors.